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Gelidium pristoides

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Laminaria pallida

Ecklonia maxima

SeaweedAfrica was a project to expand AlgaeBase, a database of seaweed information, to include ecological, commercial and usage information, particularly for the African continent. This project was funded by the European Union under the INCO-DEV section of the Framework 5 Research Programme (Contract ICA4-CT2001-10030). The project involved scientists from Ireland, Sweden, Portugal, Kenya, Tanzania, Mozambique, South Africa, Namibia and Brazil, and industry collaboration in each country. All information has now been combined with AlgaeBase taxonomic and other data and the data are now driving both sites, and SeaweedPacific, a similar project to SeaweedAfrica for the Pacific Islands. Published taxonomic, nomenclatural and distributional information for maritime African countries has been incorporated into the database.

Rob Anderson describes a typical meeting in Zanzibar.

The structure of the uses and aquaculture part of the database was initially conceived and programmed at the University of the Western Cape, Cape Town, South Africa by Dr Martin Cocks and his colleagues. Data entry was carried out at the University of Capetown by Professor John Bolton and Dr Rob Anderson and their colleagues; by Dr Isabel Sosa Pinto (CIMAR, Portugal); by Dr Mats Björk (Stockholm University, Sweden); and by Professor Michael Guiry (NUI, Galway, Ireland). Concept development and data entry were carried out by scientists in Kenya (Dr Patrick Gwanda), Mozambique (Dr S. Bandiera), Tanzania (Dr M.S.P. Moltera), Namibia and Brazil (Dr E.C. Oliveira Filho, University of São Paulo). Recently Pier Kuipers of Visual ID has recoded the site for simplicity of editing.

The data will now be kept up to date and enhanced as part of on-going AlgaeBase projects.

Images served on this site in various places are exclusively African images, but more than 5500 images are generally available for lectures, symposia, and general use by teachers at all levels. These may be found by searching "Images". Clicking on the smaller images results in larger images designed to be dragged onto PowerPoint presentations.

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